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Dress Hunt is a bridal fashion destination that empowers brides to actionably shop for their wedding dress and bridal wardrobe. We are elevating the discovery process for brides by working with the best designers in bridal fashion to provide an inclusive, transparent, and joyful destination where the research is done for them. Simply put, we unveil the options, so brides know how to shop the way they want.


Our mission is simple: honor where bridal came from while moving the industry forward, modernizing the way brides experience the world of bridal fashion. We were driven by a desire to create a destination that is transparent, informative, and bridal fashion focused, centered around designers and brands that care about quality, creativity, and experience.

Our vision for the future of bridal and Dress Hunt is a destination that connects brides with the designers that speak to them, regardless of where they live, respectively, creating opportunities to discover and shop for dresses how they want.


In 2018, co-founders Ashley Hunt and Felicia Joffe embarked on a mission to demystify the world of bridal fashion. After shopping for their own wedding dresses, they found the process out of touch. What started out as an idea to help brides’ pre-shop their boutique experience soon morphed into something bigger. With a creative and passionate group of designers and brands on board, they’ve created a unique destination built around helping brides go from inspiration to reality, exposing brides to designers and brands worthy of wearing for their once in a lifetime celebration.