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How To Find The Best Boutique For You

November 01, 2020
How To Find The Best Boutique For You

How to find the best boutique for you?

We know how exciting wedding dress shopping can be, and we are here to keep it that way! As magical as the process seems, it can often become stressful when you are not given the proper tools to navigate it. We’re here to provide you the necessary steps to keep this process magical and exciting so you can find your perfect wedding dress.

Step 1: Find the style and aesthetic you gravitate towards.

This is what we were built for! Use the Pre-Shop Boutique section of Dress Hunt to explore dresses and the designers who create them. Find the style you are going for. Are you more boho? Maybe more modern elegance? Sexy chic? Whatever your perfect wedding dress style may be, it's important to make sure the boutique resonates with your style.

Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered. Find your “vibe” first and go from there.

Step 2: Focus on price point

Now that you’ve found your style, take a look at the dresses you like and ensure there within your price range. Simply view the description in the dress listing to view the designer’s price range or call the boutique the dress is carried at to learn the specific price. What’s the average price for wedding dresses you are interested in? What is your max spending point and what would you feel the most comfortable spending?

Now you have style and price point figured out - that is a big chunk of the work!

Step 3: Finding the right bridal boutique for you

Utilize Dress Hunt and boutique's social media. Don’t just look up “bridal stores near me” and book an appointment at the closest 3 options. You don’t want to waste your time going into a boutique that doesn’t have the style or the experience you are looking for. If the bridal store seems to match up with what you are looking for, book an appointment to explore it in person or set up a virtual appointment.

Step 4: Ask Questions & Engage

Don’t be shy to call the store and ask questions before coming into the boutique! It benefits you and the store! They’ll get a better understanding of what you’re looking for, and if it’s not a match, you’ve saved your time and theirs. Also, engage with them on social media! Comment or save posts that you think would be an ideal wedding dress for you. It can be helpful for stylists to see physical examples of styles you’re looking for.

Step 5: The Appointment

You did it! You’ve done the research and chosen the bridal boutique that you think will be your best fit. When you do your research, it’s extremely common to find you dress on your first appointment! This allows you to savor the moment and truly enjoy the experience. If you don’t do your research, it could turn into a mad runaround trying to find a dress you’ll love at stores that don’t even have your style. It’s worth putting in the research to find your top boutique so that you can truly enjoy the experience. Start one well-researched appointment at a time. Odds are that you won’t have to schedule another.